Saturday, April 15, 2006

Why Not an Arts Map?

OK has tourist maps for Route 66, The Great Plains Trail and the Wind Power Trail. The state has almost 400 miles of the original Route 66 still drivable, more than any other state. The Great Plains Trail highlights 13 driving loops in western OK that overflow with birds and wildlife. With birding being the fastest growing spectator sport in the USA, the Great Plains Trail map also makes a lot of sense. The Wind Power Trail is a cooperative effort of 24 Chambers and ED groups in OK and TX. It takes you to the National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center, wind farms, vintage windmill collections, a wind-turbine factory and some wonderful small towns. I plan to take the trip on one of my visits to my son at OU next year.

When Randy Cohen of the Americans for the Arts ( showed a map which highlighted all of the arts related businesses in the state, I wondered why a similar tourist map isn’t done in OK for these arts businesses. Wouldn’t it be as much of a draw as a map of birds, old roads and windmills?

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