Monday, October 08, 2007

Resume Bank

Nebraska Rural Living is a non-profit e-magazine that will now allow visitors to the site to upload a resume and cover letter to their newly-created resume bank. What a great idea!

Betty Sayers, co-founder of the web site in 2003, commented, “We can’t promise anyone a job, but we will make the resume bank available to employers and propose resumes for specific opportunities we become aware of.”

Nebraska Rural Living features articles on small town and rural entrepreneurs, events, activities and people. The site also profiles “Livable Small Towns” and offers a database of houses, businesses and commercial property for sale, as well as a database of rural jobs.

“Small town have many wonderful benefits to offer,” Sayers said. “Housing is affordable, crime is low, and pollution and congestion are almost unheard of. There are also many employers here who are eager to hire skilled workers and paying competitive wages. We’re hoping the resume bank can be a win-win proposition for everyone.”

What a great way to match people with jobs – and help your community’s greatest asset, your residents!

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