Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Earthbound Farm

One of the more incredible stories that we found in researching BoomtownUSA was that of Drew and Myra Goodman, city kids from Manhattan who took some time off from school to start growing 2.5 acres of raspberries in the Carmel Valley in 1984. Myra’s idea of bagging up lettuce so that she could make a quick salad when they came in from the field, grew into a huge idea. Today Earthbound Farm is the largest grower of organic produce and their pre-packaged products are found throughout the entire country.

We visited their original farm stand and enjoyed walking through their fields and flower beds. The place was hopping!

Earthbound Farms has special events at their farm stand EVERY weekend from May 1st through the end of October. Such events include: Bug Walk; Garlic Braiding; Corn Husk Dolls; Flower Walk; All About Herbs; Chef Walk; Raspberry Revelry; Corn Crazy and many others.

The Goodmans learned long ago that it is not just about how you produce but also how you market that is the difference between failure and success.

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