Thursday, October 04, 2007

Forbes 400

The Forbes 400 hit my mailbox today. It now takes $1.3 billion to make the list, which puts me multiple zeros away from ever making it.

But, there on page 31 is Forbes’ publishers list of the best books to get rich by. And guess which book is one of the 53 that they chose? Pretty cool, huh!

Here’s what they said,

Let’s suppose your goal is to raise a child who will grow up and make The Forbes 400 list someday. How do you feed her brain and nourish her spirit? What secrets of wealth-building do you pour into his pulsing veins?

And they went on,

Here are 53 books that I and some of my self-made, rich friends recommend. These books range from the theoretical to the practical, the instructional to the inspiration. It’s an eclectic list—highbrow to hokey, it runs the gamut. No one will like the entire lot. But I hope you find a few gems that might help your children achieve outsize success.

I’d never ever considered BoomtownUSA a “Get Rich” book, but who am I to know? At least we didn’t make the “Don’t bother ever reading this book” list.

Take a look at the list of books for yourself here.

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Jim said...

Congrats, Jack!! Being a writer myself, I know how jazzed you must be.

Hope it leads to many additional sales. I know I need to pick up my own copy.

I'll be looking for you to be making a Forbes 400 appearance soon.