Thursday, October 11, 2007

Marvelous Marvin

One of the better regional business magazines that I subscribe to is Prairie Business out of Fargo, ND, which covers the two Dakotas and Minnesota. Rick Killion, its editor, is a very engaging person with a real passion for the development of local businesses and communities.

Last month’s issue had a wonderful story on Marvin Lumber & Cedar Company, known around the country for their Marvin Windows and Doors. Privately owned, the company was started by George Marvin and is still run by third and fourth generations of the family from Warroad, MN (population 1,722), a town just six miles south of the Canadian border. Grandson Bob Marvin runs Marvin’s truck fleet in addition to serving as mayor of Warroad since 1994.
With 5,400 employees in five states the company is by far the largest employer in the far northern MN and has positively impacted the towns in which it operates. I hope that I can get to Warroad to study them more.

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