Thursday, October 25, 2007

Entrepreneurial Philadelphia

No, I’m not writing about that Philadelphia! This one is in Mississippi, the second largest Philadelphia in the USA, and was one of my top 100 agurbs®. Philadephia, MS (population 7,303) is the county seat for Neshoba County, a county which has grown 21.5% since 1990. Things are booming in Neshoba.

Philadelphia just opened a new 15,000 sf business incubator, the Neshoba Business Enterprise Center, to encourage the growth of new businesses. The $1.3 million price tag for the project was piecemealed together from about a dozen sources including EDA, USDA, MDA and other local and regional sources. In only 2 months, three companies have already located in the incubator, including a poultry support company (there are >80 million chickens in the county), an air purification start-up and an oil field support company.

It will be interesting to return in a couple of years to see what companies come out of this new incubator.

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