Thursday, February 01, 2007

Young Food From the ‘Hood Entrepreneurs

A local teacher, Joe Fatheree, was named Illinois Teacher of the Year last year. As you would imagine, he is the type of teacher who inspires his students and has a real love of teaching. The award includes some free time for him to creatively work on teaching projects for the future. One of those is in developing an entrepreneurial curriculum for area schools.

He sent me an example of students in the inner city of Los Angeles. As he said, “The students go to Crenshaw High School (one of the worst neighborhoods in the country). The students have created and are currently marketing their own brand of salad dressing.”

Since being set up in 1993, the program has awarded over $140,000 in college scholarships to 77 student-managers who have worked at the students’ company. I loved their slogan, “Buy our dressings, send us to college.”

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