Monday, February 12, 2007

Halfbackers to Third Coast

One of the trends that I identified in my annual Top 10 Trends of the new year earlier this month, is the idea of a third coast developing in the USA. Here is what I wrote earlier this month about the trend, “Led by “halfbackers” who moved to a coastal state but because of rising costs, congestion and other headaches are moving half-way back home. Draw a line from ID down to AZ and across to NC. These states/regions along this line have some unique opportunities to take advantage of this trend.”

A recent census report showed AZ as the fastest growing state in the country, while NC replaced NJ as the 10th most populous state. The three states losing the most population in the past year were CA, LA and NY. AZ was followed by NV, ID, GA, TX, UT, NC, CO, FL AND SC.

The in-migration to AZ is visible in motor vehicle licenses. During 2005, 117,500 people from CA surrendered their drivers licenses in the state compared to second place IL with 23,200 licenses surrendered.

Towns along this “third coast” have the wind at their back in recruiting in new citizens.

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