Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fourteen Year Old Doll Doctor

Fourteen year old Melissa Yates has built an eBay based business by re-engineering Barbie-type dolls into high-end masterpieces, a business she started when she was eleven.

She buys her raw material of highly articulated dolls from around the world, including Japan. She changes their appearances and repaints them with delicate tiny brushes, some with only one bristle.

After reworking the bodies of her dolls she clothes them in meticulously sewn costumes that transform them into everything from an ancient Egyptian princess to fairy brides.

Calling her business Beketaten’s Jewels, named after a real Egyptian princess, Melissa does most of her business on eBay. Some of her creations have sold for up to $200 to clients in Germany, England, India, Hong Kong and other countries.

You can’t start these entrepreneurs too early. Are there Melissa Yates in your hometown?

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