Thursday, January 04, 2007

IT Jobs Going Rural

Russ Fletcher runs one of the best newsletters in the country focused upon the area of economic development. He runs Montana Association Technology Roundtables (MATR) from rural Montana where I am today. He compiles one of the best listing of articles focused upon technology in rural areas.

One of the stories that Russ sent me recently was from Information Week, highlighting a study done by the Boyd Company on the ideal location for data centers. One sentence in the article really caught my attention, “The best talent generally succeeds and is rewarded regardless of the person’s geographic location, and smart businesses will always find ways to accommodate those individuals.”

According to Boyd, it costs 45% more to run a similar-sized facility with like-sized staff in New York than in Sioux Falls, SD. John Boyd says, “Businesses are being priced out of locations like Boston, San Diego and New York.”

Fletcher wrote to me, “The buzz is growing…The idea of attracting and retaining a workforce in a small city in the Midwest today is actually quite appealing.”

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