Saturday, March 11, 2006

Winning Communities Observations

“There is always a crowd at the starting line,” was one of the thoughts that Jim Dittoe of Winning Communities,, left with me when he stopped by to visit recently.

He also pointed out my recent posts on the resurgence in NE IN were right on point. “You need to look at the commuter patterns of Elkhart and South Bend”, which I did much to my surprise.

I would have thought that South Bend, more than twice as large as Elkhart, would have many more people driving into it. I was wrong. There are 12,920 people who make the daily trek to Elkhart (county) from South Bend (county), compared to only 4,935 who make the reverse commute.

Elkhart is a much more entrepreneurial and industrial town, whereas South Bend is much more institutional. The jobs of the future are going to be entrepreneurial.

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