Friday, March 10, 2006

Gonna Be Back In OK

We just learned this week that our son James has been accepted to Oklahoma University in Norman, OK where he hopes to study Journalism. His twin son, Joseph, is going to be attending Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL to study Art and Business.

I’ve made several trips to OK over the past year, blogged on my experiences a great deal and will be back there next month for a couple of talks. It is a wonderful state with a great entrepreneurial spirit. I’m looking forward to blogging on my experiences there during my wife’s and my visits to James in OK.


Steve Gilbert said...

As an alumni of OU, I believe your son couldn't have made a better choice! We've got to work on his brother! When passing through, you are invited to visit Stroud, OK. (pop. 2,700). We are exactly halfway between OKC and Tulsa on the Turner Turnpike. In May 1999, Stroud was hit by a major tornado that destroyed our factory outlet mall, damaged the hospital and numerous businesses and homes. (Jack, does this qualify as a teeter-totter factor)?! We just bought the property of the former mall and are looking to redevelop it! It has been a long recovery, but Stroud is on the rebound. We have strong spirit, excellent location, many assets, re-energized leadership, and are about to launch a community-wide strategic planning process to shape our vision. Stroud is officially designated as the Winery and Grape Capitol of Oklahoma. We have two local wineries and more on the way. We also have over fifty vinyards in the area. We are inspired by BoomtownUSA. You are always welcome!

BoomtownUSA said...

My response to the comment
I’ll be sure to visit Stroud when I’m on my way to Norman with my son. I’m glad that you are picking up the pieces from the destructive tornado and will follow how you redevelop the destroyed outlet mall site. That type of attitude is what makes small towns so great!

Be sure to read my blogs of the next couple of weeks. I’ve got some great stories on wineries and their potential for the ag economy in the USA. Send me some information on your designation as the Winery & Grape Capitol of OK. I’d love to read more about it.