Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Greenville Coming Back

Greenville, MI was down in the dumps when I visited there last year right after it was announced that its largest employer, Electrolux, would be closing its doors. I was very impressed with what I saw in the town and counseled them that they needed to keep their head up and to continue to put their best foot forward as they recruited in new industry. Today, I was pleased to receive the following article from Greenville.

Officials say it was a collaborative effort between the City of Greenville and the governor's office to lure a new manufacturing plant to Greenville, bringing more than 500 jobs with it.

City officials say it took three months to close the deal with United Solar Ovonic. United Solar is a subsidiary of Detroit based Energy Conversion Devices Incorporated. Officials say United Solar is one of the leaders in developing alternative fuels, an important component in President Bush's initiative to curb what he says is the United States' "addiction" to foreign oil.

"It's amazing. It's just simply amazing what this is, and I couldn't be happier," said Greenville City Manager George Bosanic.

Officials completed the deal under the pressure of what was looking like a disastrous future job outlook.

Earlier this month the Electrolux refrigerator plant closed its doors for good, leaving 2,500 workers without jobs. Detroit based Federal Mogal announced it too could cut jobs, possibly affecting its Greenville plant ,and Tower Automotive announced it will shut down its Greenville plant by years end.

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