Thursday, March 30, 2006

Water For the Future

“We are doing an $85 million pipeline and treatment plant to bring water from the Potomac River, which opens up a third watershed for us. It will take us from 7.5 million gallons/day up to 16 to 20 million gallons/day. This project will set us for at least 20 years.” It was the first thing that Richard Griffin, head of ED for the City of Frederick, MD, told me as I started my tour of the town.

My own town of Effingham just passed a similar pipeline project to bring water 20 miles from the Kaskaskia River, also a second watershed for the town. Fifty years ago Effingham built Lake Sara, which has become an abundant water source and recreational development area.

In my travels, I’m seeing water as becoming one of the critical issues in a number of communities. Those that are planning for their water needs 20 and 30 years into the future, like Frederick and Effingham, are the ones that will appear very visionary in the near future.


Roger Elkins said...

Evart, MI has supplied large amounts of water to a local industry for non contact cooling of injection plastic molding. Many of our wells are in a spring fed aquifer. last year we started selling water to Nestle'Waters North America. We are a possible location ofr their next bottling plant, $150,000,000 investment and 200 jobs. So far we view this as a win, win, win situation.

BoomtownUSA said...

For a town of 1,750 Evart is taking a very proactive approach to creating jobs and opportunity. It is a great example of leveraging a resource like water to your advantage. Thanks for the comment.