Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tween Craze Entrepreneur

Maddie Bradshaw, who is now 12, first got the idea for Snap Caps when she was 10. She started making necklaces out of bottlecaps that she decorated around the kitchen island in her home with her mom and six year old sister, Margot.

When her innovation started to become a craze, they set up M3 Girl Designs LLC. The M3 is for Maddie, Margot and Mom. The new company quickly outgrew their home and today has 15 employees, four sales reps and sells 30,000 bottlecaps per month in over 500 stores nationwide.

Maddie is now writing a book about her experience, “Beyond the Lemonade Stand,” which will focus on how to start a business from a kids’ perspective.

I keep preaching about these incredible Millennials who are going to be the most entrepreneurial generation in the history of the USA. Any Maddie’s in your town?

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Mary said...

She should be nominated for Young Inventor of the Year in the Toy and Game Inventors of the Year Awards Dinner. www.tagieawards.com