Monday, December 08, 2008

City Winery

I’m always looking for new ideas that might work in small towns, and today’s blog takes us to a big city, the very BIG city of New York City, where I found an interesting new business called City Winery.

The idea for City Winery is that it is a place that you can go to get assistance in making your own wine. The restaurant/winery ships in grapes from all over the country and then assists you in producing your own special vintage.

The operation started in September when a refrigerated truck delivered 10 tons of wine grapes from Napa Valley. About 200 New Yorkers are now making their own wine from those grapes, each producing their own barrel of wine (about 250 bottles) at a cost of around $7,000. While a bit pricey for most, it is an idea that could possibly work in certain agurbs®.

But, even if you have no interest in doing anything, get onto their website and sign up for their updates. The City Winery does an excellent job of promoting their offerings with frequent emails, something that every business in our towns should be doing.

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