Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tom Sawyer of Cattle Drives

For six generations the Kerns Family has been driving their cattle each spring up into the Big Horn Mountains in north central WY. About 15 years ago making a living raising cattle became much more difficult. So they decided to begin offering to let “wannabes cowboys” tag along on the ride.

This year’s ride back down occurred from September 6th to 13th, a 4000+ foot descent down to their Double Rafter Ranch in Ranchester, WY. The cowboys spend at least eight hours/day in the saddle, sleep on the ground and get roused out at 4 am for biscuits and gravy. And, for that privilege they each spend $2,000.

The Kerns refer to their drives each year as, “City Slickers (the movie) is just a pony ride!” You can see a video of one of their drives here.

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