Monday, November 10, 2008

Top Historic Destination in the USA!

One of the agurbs® that I probably write about more than any other is Columbus, IN (population 39,059), a very unique, well-diversified community in southern IN. Imagine my surprise when I picked up National Geographic’s Traveler magazine and found Columbus ranked as the top historical destination in the USA and eleventh in the world out of the 109 ranked.

Here’s what they said about Columbus:

Although it’s surprising to see a Midwestern burg (wish they had used the term agurb®!) in the company of Dijon and Stockholm, this “jewel in the region” boasts “world-class” mid-century modern architecture. The “charming downtown historic district” adds to the attraction, but the countryside’s “unchecked growth” makes for a “terrible gateway.”

Other towns and agurbs® that I’ve visited and are mentioned in the Traveler article are:

Ashland, OH (19); Red Wing, MN (23); Port Townsend, WA (24); Asheville, NC (33); Natchez, MS (40); Galena, IL (45); Lexington, KY (46); Sitka, AK (48); and Santa Fe, NM (75).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. My family lives in Indiana, and I never heard of this town. I will visit it for sure.