Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Housing Off the Grid

The first and only time that I heard of towns being “off the grid” was at a talk in Alaska, to an association of the Aleutian Islands. They told me of their problems with trying to run towns that were “off the grid” of not only highways but also all other services like electricity, water, sewer, etc. Imagine having to have all necessities flown in during half of the year because ships can’t dock because of the weather.

In my talk in Gila County, AZ I met a group that is developing homes “off the grid” in rural AZ. Yes, there are roads that go there and the sun shines all year round there. In fact, sunshine is going to be the key driver for the Climbing Rock Estates, a 204 home subdivision 25 miles south of Globe, AZ.

Randy Gross, the developer of these homes told me, “These homes will be completely solar powered with propane backup to power the swamp coolers and to power the appliances in the house.”

When I go back to Globe in two years, I’m going to go visit this new development to see what it is like to live “off the grid” in AZ.

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