Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Local EBay Auction

Today starts the bidding for a locally run E-Bay auction by one of our local businesses in Effingham. The ‘e’ in this auction stands for ‘eagle’ as in Eaglesoft, a local start-up dental software company which is now part of Patterson Dental. All of the items are donated from local merchants and Patterson suppliers. The proceeds of the auction will go to our local United Way and the Make a Wish Foundation.

This is the third year that they’ve done this auction. Last year they raised over $8,000. This year’s auction will run through December 12th.

If you have a need for an ice cream maker, GPS system, iPod, gift certificates or many other items be sure to get online and bid, bid, bid.

What a great idea to help raise funds for those in need, from a great innovative company here in my hometown.


Clint said...


I think an online auction is a great idea for a small community to expand upon the idea of their local merchant auction.

Not to seem overly critical, but that auction web-site leaves something to be desired. For example, there is no mention of shipping. If I were to bid on something on that site, would I need to travel to the Effingham, Illinois, Chamber of Commerce building to pick up my prize?

I would suppose that postage and handling were available for an extra charge, but nowhere is that listed on their site.

BoomtownUSA said...

Good points!

I'm not sure how they would handle, but how about if I take care of shipping and handling for you for free?

Bid away!

Clint said...

Hey, thanks.

I just went and placed two bids.

Wish me luck!

BoomtownUSA said...

Bid 'em high! I'll ship them to you. Thanks for helping out. It goes to some very good causes.