Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tourist Video Idea Taking Off

Doing a video of things to do in your town to air on one of the channels at the local hotels has stirred up a number of emails from towns that are exploring the idea. I blogged on it on January 29th. Here is one such email from the publisher of the Hillsboro Free Press in Hillsboro, KS (population 2,854), Joel Klassen:

“I have already had one volunteer offer to make the video. He is asking the paper for file photos to use in it and I said he could have anything he wants.

Your blog really gets my day off to a good start. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the communities like ours who are trying to make some progress.”

In brainstorming this idea with the brain trust at Agracel, we thought that such a video could be done on a regional basis. The advantage of a regional effort is that it offers more things to do/see and hopefully keeps people in the motels for several days, rather than just overnight.

The challenge of doing it regionally is trying to get everyone to work together and how to fund. Here is another way to approach. Have each town do their own 10 to 20 minute video and then splice them all together, showing them on all of the motels in the region. You get the positive impact of regionalism but without the hassles of coordinating many different budgets and egos.

If you do such a project, please let me know about it. Email me at

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