Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Good News on the Economy???

Good news on the economy? Even though 4 out of 10 Americans think that we are in a recession, the U. S. economy is humming along very nicely. Jeff Thredgold, who I met at one of my talks authors a weekly look at the economy. You can see this week’s edition at Take a look at it.

This week I’ve been in two Midwestern manufacturing operations. Both are booming, growing in the double digits annually. One of the companies had grown their sales from $3 to $50 million since 1999, a 60% annual compounded growth rate! Another contact in the capital good industry told me, “I’ve not seen so much activity in the manufacturing sector since the 1970s.” Companies are expanding, investing in new tooling and becoming much more productive.

Based upon my research, activity that we are seeing at Agracel on companies expanding and my tours of small towns all over the USA I’m convinced that we are in the midst of an economic expansion the likes of which we haven’t seen for several decades. It is going to be a fun several years to be in the ED arena.

Remember where you read it when Lou Dobbs and the elite media “get it” in a couple of years.

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