Thursday, February 23, 2006

Embrace the Pace

“Embrace the Pace” is the motto of Nappanee, IN (population 6,710), an incredible manufacturing and tourist centric town. Dianne and Dennis Debelak have fully integrated themselves into the town since moving here from Chicago about six years ago. Dennis is a physical therapist and Dianne was a financial planner when they began searching for a bed and breakfast to buy.

They fell in love immediately with Nappanee and its laid back atmosphere, buying a lawyer’s office and converting it into the Homespun Country Inn (, a five bedroom, antique filled treasure. I stayed there when I was in the town last week.

“The toughest adjustment is that other than the basics, most of the stores I want to shop at, the movie theater and other attractions are 25 miles away. You don’t just jump in your car to do things, like I could do in Chicago. But, other than that the move has been fantastic.”

The Debelaks were counting upon tourists for their B&B, but have been pleasantly surprised by the number of overnight stays generated by the various manufacturing businesses in the town.

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