Saturday, February 25, 2006

Giving Back to Their Hometown—Like Clockwork

“He developed ‘Like a Good Neighbor…State Farm is There’ and Burger King’s ‘Two All Beef Patties’ and he grew up in Berne,” Floyd Liechty, a city councilman from Berne, IN (population 4,150) was telling me about Keith Reinhard, Chairman of DDB Worldwide. Reinhard gave $500,000 and is honorary chairman of a $3.2 million project to build a recreation of the world famous clock tower in Bern, Switzerland in Berne, IN. You can get more information at their website of

“We raised $1.5 million, almost half, in only a seven month period. Over $1 million of that is from people who grew up in Berne but now live away. They still have a lot of love for their hometown.”

I’ve seen it time and time again in my travels around the USA. There is an incredible love for people’s hometowns. Many are returning or giving back time and money to where they grew up. How are you taking advantage of that spirit in your town?

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