Thursday, September 18, 2008

Year of Alabama Small Towns

I’m excited about a new program that AL is launching in 2010: The Year of Alabama Small Towns. Preparations are already being made and numerous towns are gearing up for this statewide celebration.

Several statewide governmental organizations are cooperating (tourism, ED, history, Chamber of Commerce, League of Municipalities, etc.). The broad focus is for each town to have:

Special Homecoming Weekend to invite former residents back home
Unveiling of a locally written historical marker
Walking tours of historic sections of town
Dedication of a completed civic project like a park, restored historical building

The state will publish a special book on the towns that participate. They’ve done similar books in the past on the Gardens, Food, Outdoor Activities and Arts of Alabama.

Another previous book that I’m counting on getting sent to me is “The 100 Alabama Dishes to Try before You Die.” I’m certain that several won’t be on my diet, but I’ll plan on trying them anyway.

I hope to get back to AL for their year of the AL hometowns in 2010, with my copy of the 100 Alabama Dishes firmly in hand.

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