Friday, September 05, 2008

Operation Intern

I’ve seen several communities that have developed an organized program to help create internships for their college students during summer break. However, ND has a special program and with a tax credit bonus, to boot!

Operation Intern is focused upon the five industry groups that Lt. Governor Dayryple stressed in his opening remarks (focus, focus, focus!!) at the ED Conference in Bismarck: Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Technology Based-Business, Tourism and Value-Added Agriculture.

The program offers a 10% income tax credit of the compensation paid to an intern. Up to five interns per company are eligible for this program.

I’m impressed with both how ND is trying to bring back some of their “brain bank” with an innovative ambassador program and also how they are striving to find ways to keep their “best and brightest” at home. It’s a smart long term investment that they are making.

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