Saturday, January 20, 2007

Long Overdue Honeymoon

Today, I’m leaving on a five week honeymoon with my bride of 25 years. When we got married in 1981, I thought that I couldn’t possibly take off for something like a honeymoon. We got married on a Friday and I was back to work on Monday. We always talked about taking that honeymoon and are finally getting around to it today.

We are going on an around-the-world jaunt that will take us to a dozen countries. We intend to drive around a lot of them, visiting small towns in many. I’m taking my computer but Betinha has told me, “What kind of a honeymoon is it if you are doing blogs?” So, we’ll have to see!

I have done a number of blogs in anticipation of this trip and Lisa Huston from my office will be posting some of them over the next month. I hope to add to them from the road, but am not guaranteeing anything.

I will tell you that it would have been much cheaper for us to have taken that honeymoon 25 years ago. But, I’m guessing that we will do a lot more touring that what we would have done then.

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Anonymous said...


Have a great time. We'll survive in your absence. May I suggest that you journal (the old fashioned way - on paper) your observations about "Boomtowns" around the world and start a new book "Global Boomtowns".

Steve D in Decatur