Thursday, March 20, 2008

Magnificant Redwoods

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of Redwoods but until I’d driven through them and stood next to them, I’d never had a correct perspective of the size of these trees compared to what I’ve seen up to now. My wife and I drove through some many redwood forests and towns that grew up around them.

One of the most interesting was Eureka, CA (population 26,128) which was built by timber barons but is today a funky artists’ community. One of the most interesting sites was the Carson Mansion, built by one of those lumber barons in 1884 to 1886. It is today one of the most incredible Victorian mansions that I’ve seen in my travels.


Patrick said...

I wish you had stopped by when you were in Eureka - we have a lot of economic development work going on that we would have loved to get your opinion on. Keep up the great work.

BoomtownUSA said...

Patrick: Can you email me at your contact info so that I make sure that I get a good tour when I'm next there. I was very impressed with what you've done in the downtown area and see great potential for Eureka.