Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Historical Signs on All Buildings

The discovery of gold in what would become Yreka, CA in March, 1851 quickly changed a peaceful flat knob into a bustling gold town. Within six years the town was incorporated, having passed 5,000 in population. It was known as the richest square mile in CA during the late 1850s.

The downtown from that gold rush still largely exists in Yreka, which today has a population of 7,290. There are many old magnificent buildings that date back to those days and on each of the buildings in the downtown there are very nice plaques that tell the history of each building. It’s an idea that other towns might want to copy.


happyapplehead said...

Jack, I live, work and write about Yreka and I've never even noticed the signs. I am going to look for them now! It's a pretty refreshing sentiment to say that Yreka has done something worth repeating. Thanks!

BoomtownUSA said...

Yep! There're there!

In fact, some of the best that I've seen in my tours of 300+ towns around the USA.