Tuesday, March 25, 2008

California Agriculture

My travels around the USA over the past four years has impressed upon me the incredible vastness of our country and also how much of our country has very little or no development taking place. Recent trips to CA have highlighted the vastness of that state’s agricultural assets.

The University of California Agricultural Issues Center at Davis, CA
has documented the impact of agriculture in the state in a 2006 study. If CA was a country its $1.5 trillion economy would make them the sixth largest in the world behind only the USA, Japan, Germany, UK and France. California would be ahead of China, India, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Spain and all of the other countries in the world!

In the agricultural arena California’s $28 billion economy would put them fifth in the world, behind only the USA, Japan, China, France and Italy.

When you take into account the multiplier effect of the ag processing industries in the state, the ag sector accounted for 7.3% of all jobs and 6.5% of all income and taxes in the state.

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