Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teaching South Koreans English from Rural Wyoming

Who would be better to teach English to foreigners than native born Americans, was an idea that Kent Holiday and his wife had when they met in Seoul, Korea. Marry that idea with the increase in broadband connectivity and you could probably do that from a small town, in say Wyoming.

So the Holidays moved back home to Ten Sleep, WY (population 304) in Washakie County (population 7,819) with a population density of 3.5 per square mile to start their new business, Eleutian Technology LLC. They started the business in the small town of Ten Sleep but quickly opened branch offices in neighboring larger towns of Powell (population 5,373) and Worland (population 5,250).

Within a year Kent has hired over 100 WY teachers at $15/hour to teach 2,000 Korean students at 3 universities and 13 public schools in that country. He estimates that the industry he is inventing could eventually be a $15 billion per year one.

And, it is starting in a tiny town in Wyoming. Got any English teachers with an entrepreneurial bent and connections in one of the 193 countries around the world?

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