Thursday, February 28, 2008

100(+) Women Who Care

“We started this in 2006 and it has just grown from there.” Karen Dunigan, a Jackson Citizens for Economic Growth (JCEG) board founder and board member and local realtor, was telling me about starting her 100(+) Women Who Care organization.

“We meet four times per year with each member agreeing to donate $100 per meeting to a local charity. We vote on which charity to support at each meeting. It has grown with each meeting.”

The first meeting raised $12,000 for the Center for Family Health and the last $23,700 for the Michigan Theatre.

Several other chapters in MI and IL have been formed. Karen’s idea makes a lot of sense to me and I’m hopeful that others around the USA will follow her example and start similar efforts in their hometowns. If 100 or 200 people work together on a regular basis like 100 Women is doing, you would be amazed at what mountains you can climb.

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