Thursday, February 21, 2008

Come Bank Home

No I didn’t make a mistake, I meant to write Come BANK Home. Hampton State Bank in Franklin County, IA (population 10,708) in the north-central part of the state has developed a special program that both brings former residents back home but also hopefully gets them to bank back there.

The Hampton State Bank has committed $1 million to a program aimed at Franklin County high school graduates who move back home. The bank is offering a special 3.99% home loan as part of its package to get more residents back to this rural county. So far seven families have taken them up on the offer and the bank has committed about ½ of the total.

Greene County, IA (population 9,809) has developed a $1,000 relocation package available to people who move there.

Worth County, IA (population 7,698) gave each of the 87 students who graduated from county high schools and went onto college a check for $4,391.

These are just three examples of what three counties in rural IA are doing to make themselves more attractive for residents.

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