Friday, November 02, 2007

Retirement as Focus

I was the keynoter at the American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) at their annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV. This group, formed in 1994, is composed of communities that are focused upon having the recruitment of retirees be a part of their economic development plan.

Linda Mayhood, Board Chairperson of AARC and also with the largest gated community in Hot Springs Village, AR, told me, “We’re seeing younger and younger people start to retire. When you look at the coming influx of the Baby Boomers, it is going to be an incredible opportunity for many communities.”

In last week’s Agurban we looked at the impact of these Baby Boomers upon our society. Starting on January 1st of this coming year there will be 10,000 Boomers per DAY who will become eligible for social security benefits!

There are many towns that have an opportunity to latch onto these retiring Baby Boomers. Have you given it some thought for yours?

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