Monday, November 26, 2007

Lots of Pluses

Anytime that a town shrinks from over 60,000 to only 24,000 there are going to be lots of underutilized buildings, inexpensive real estate and some incredible opportunities for those who are there to take advantage of it. Johnstown was such a town. In addition it sits in the incredibly beautiful Alleghany Mountains.

Those mountains and the recreational hobbies that can be pursued in such an environment are numerous: white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, bird watching and dozens of other outdoor activities are major attractions for the area.

Tourism also has great potential with the town hosting the Johnstown Flood Museum in Andrew Carnegie’s first publically funded library, the steepest vehicular inclined plane in the world and the Flight 93 Memorial being built in Shankstown, just south of Johnstown.

Johnstown also hosts its own symphony orchestra in addition to offering an October to May Concert Series and outreach to young people in the community.

Housing prices are very low, with a median home value of only $36,200.

The town has it all to become a Mecca for young people who want to start a new business. And with an average age of 41.5 years (vs. USA average 35.3 years) they need to be focusing upon how they develop more opportunities so that the young people of Johnstown don’t continue to leave town for better opportunities elsewhere.

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