Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Earmarks--The Pro

Dave Fyock, CEO of MountainTop Technologies, Inc. sponsored my talk and was one of my tour guides of Johnstown, PA. He is very personable, knowledgeable and has a strong interest in the betterment of his hometown.

He established MountainTop in 1993. His son, who is now the company’s chief technology officer, came up with the name MountainTop because, “everyone goes to the mountaintop to seek guidance from the Oracle.” The company has grown to over 100 employees with a focus in learning, transportation and communications. He started the company after a career in environmental and governmental affairs for the power company, cutting his teeth in the aftermath of Three Mile Island.

We talked about earmarks during my tour. Fyock’s take on them was, “We’ve had earmarks since the days of George Washington. They are an independent branch of the government and are a way for a local congressman to see what is needed most by his constituents. We’ve used earmarks to be able to start many programs, some of which are today helping to save lives on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

He went on, “While earmarks helped us to get these programs started, today over 50% of our business is built upon continuous contracts that we win on our own merit. But without earmarks we wouldn’t have ever gotten a chance to show what we can do.”

MountainTop is a very impressive company that is working in some very cutting edge technologies.

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