Thursday, May 10, 2007

Scary for Urban Areas

“It’s official. City working has had its day. Half of UK bosses, based in an urban environment, are dreaming of escaping the rat race to find their own small slice of rural happiness.” This was the finding of a research project by Cornwall Pure Business in the UK. I was alerted to it by Becky McCray from rural Oklahoma who writes a wonderful blog at Small Business Survival.

The really astounding part of the research was that 64% of those who are seriously considering relocating, intend to do so in the next one month to five years.

The reasons for such a move were:
· Creating a better environment for family and personal well-being 75%
· Attaining a better work-life balance 71%
· Reduce commuting time 45%

The trend that we documented in BoomtownUSA toward a more rural lifestyle seems to be spreading to other countries.

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Christine said...

But keep in mind the final paragraph of the article:

"It is not known how many rural business people dream of escaping mud, midges and nosy neighbours for the bustle and anonymity of a city."