Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't Give Up

Yesterday’s blog on Cambridge, MN resurrecting a closing plant generated the following response from Larry Paine, who writes a wonderful blog in Concordia, KS where he is city manager.

Your blog comments today reminded me that a few years ago as the City
Administrator of Jerome, Idaho, I was part of a team that responded to to the
announced closing of the Moore Business Forms plant. A working group of
State HR folks, the regional ED organizations (Twin Falls and Jerome) and the
business worked to do the things that the Cambridge folks are

As we worked with the Moore Business Forms folks we learned
that the Jerome plant was the most productive in the product group. Who
knows why they made the closure decision - probably internal politics. As
we learned about their productivity we went to the State Department of Commerce Director who was able to call the Moore CEO and diplomatically ask why they were closing a productive plant. After 4-6 months of raising the question, Moore reversed their decision.

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