Tuesday, April 24, 2007

God’s Katrina Kitchen

We stopped for lunch at God’s Katrina Kitchen during our tour of the rebuilding of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The tent kitchen was set up on September 14, 2005 shortly after the catastrophe as a totally volunteer operation without any governmental assistance.

Vicki Weesner, her husband and teenage children moved down here to assist in the clean-up and have stayed. Vicki runs the kitchen along with a host of other volunteers. They live in an RV across the street from the Kitchen.

She told me, “We’ve served over 1 million meals, three times per day, seven days a week since we started. It costs us about $1,000 per day and we’ve done it all with donations.”

If you do the calculation, that is about $0.50/meal served, an incredibly efficient operation. Could you imagine what it would have cost/meal if the U. S. Government was serving those meals?

The USA is an incredibly giving country and meeting people like Vicki and others only reinforces that feeling. Don’t you just love what we can do, when we set our minds to it?

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