Thursday, April 19, 2007

Entrepreneurial States

The Kauffman Foundation recently published their 2007 State New Economy Index, a benchmarking of economic transformation in the USA. It is an interesting compilation of data and trends from number of patents issued to venture capital funds dispersed.

A study on entrepreneurial activity in the report highlighted the five most entrepreneurial states as a percentage of entrepreneurs within the population. All five were the very rural states of: Vermont (0.46%), Colorado (0.44%), Oklahoma (0.43%), Montana (0.41%) and Idaho (0.41%). They compared to a national average of 0.30%.

The top five states that are online are also all largely rural: Alaska (72%), New Hampshire (70%), Utah (70%), Minnesota (69%) and Wyoming (68%). The USA national average is 59%.

What are you doing to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in your town?

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We're concentrating our efforts to put resources into entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs' hands. By doing this we're focusing them on how to create relationships to drive their business models and identify pathways to future growth opportunities, hoping to create the growth needed to attract an outside investment.