Friday, April 20, 2007

eBay’s Rural Advantage

The growth of rural entrepreneurship is a booming wave that is going to have long term positive ramifications for many small towns in the USA. The ease of doing business online is one of the key drivers of this trend and the eBay business model is turning many would-be entrepreneurs into the real deal. Last year over 750,000 Americans made their living buying and selling things on eBay.

eBay did a study of the location of their greatest number of buyers/sellers and found that the largest concentration was in Lumberton, NJ (population 12,424). They ranked their top 10 locations and seven of those ten were in towns of under 20,000 population. Only Nashville, TN; Henderson, NV and Las Vegas, NV were metros in that top 10.

You can go to the eBay website, enter your zip code and see how your town compares. My hometown of Effingham ranked 5,956 with 6,259 eBay members, more than I would have ever guessed for a town of 12,000.

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