Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Branson?

I use the example of Branson in virtually every talk that I do. I ask my audience, “If 30 years ago a group like this had been asked to select the ideal location for the Live Music Capital of the USA, not one person would have selected little Branson, MO. Here was a town of 3,000 that was an hour from either the interstate or commercial airport. But they didn’t know they couldn’t do it.”

Both Branson and Springfield, MO are examples of communities that have excelled because of the attitude of their residents. Both towns are dominated by local entrepreneurs who not only have developed their own businesses well but also helped new entrepreneurs get started.

Despite the typical naysayers (every town has them), both towns have developed and built projects that would be virtually impossible to do anyplace else in the country. Hard work, vision and determination have allowed them to overcome the many obstacles placed in their way to help build communities that offer increasing opportunities for all.

What are you doing to create those opportunities for your children and grandchildren and those of your friends and neighbors?

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