Thursday, September 28, 2006

$100k/Year in Manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing jobs making $30,000 to $106,000 caught my eye as a studied the various booths at the Synergy Conference in Menomonie, WI. Gerald Munyon of OEM Fabricators was there looking for workers. The company, set up in Woodville, WI, is a full service job shop that design/builds medium to heavy gauge components, subassemblies and turnkey products. A new plant is coming on line in 2007 that will require several hundred new workers.

In my travels around the USA, I’ve found that one of the critical shortages facing the growth of industry is a well trained, motivated workforce. Dan Clancy, Wisconsin Technical College president said it best, “Manufacturers are looking for a new type of worker, one who can think critically, make decisions independently and work productively in teams.”

OEM Fabricators was advertising for machinists and industrial workers at $30 to $40,000 salaries up to group leaders and engineering managers at over $100,000/year.

From my view point in industrial development I’m seeing great companies like OEM that have a bright future in front of them, limited only by the quality and availability of their workforce. It is a very bright future!

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