Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Halfbackers? Surely this has something to do with football, was what I thought when Brett Higgs, whose wife Lynn is office manager at Agracel, told me about a recent trip to Eastern TN, “We were in a rapidly growing town east of Knoxville that is filling up with halfbackers. Halfbackers are people from the upper Midwest that moved to Florida but got fed up with the hurricanes, heat and congestion and decided to move halfway back home.”

I’m guessing that many of these people are still very active. Some are probably running or starting new businesses. A strategy for some towns might be to target these halfbackers to move to their town.


Kurt - Minnesota said...

First, let me say I am a fan of your blog and regularly touch base with the topics and ideas that are shared.

I'm interested in peoples thoughts on this "halfbacker" phenomenon. What TN town is this regarding and have you or others observed the "halfbacker" trend in other towns in the area or other regions of the Country?

BoomtownUSA said...

Thanks for your comments on the blog. They are much appreciated.

The town in TN was Dandridge that they picked up this term. I agree that it could be an interesting area for discussion.