Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Point2Point Air Travel

“We are optimizing our equipment for the passengers, unlike the “Big Iron Airlines” that use theirs for the optimization of their equipment and not the customer.” John Boehle, founder and CEO of Point2Point Airways was discussing one of the critical differences between his new airline and others. Boehle started his new company after Bismarck, ND had trouble landing a scheduled airline. He teamed with NASA, USDOT and the FAA to develop the idea for Point2Point.

“We are going to compete with the big boys, pricing our product with their business class. However, your cell phone is a direct line to your airplane, giving you a lot of freedom as a traveler.”

Earlier this month Boehle announced a 100 plane order with Diamond Aircraft for their new D-JET and DA42 Twin Star aircraft.

Boehle is one of the pioneers on the cutting edge of new technology and the use of it that is going to revolutionize how we travel in the USA in the future.

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