Friday, August 11, 2006

McDonald’s Drive Thru Calls from ND

Another state winner at the FLHB Conference was Rugby, ND (population 2,939) which has developed a very innovative program with Verety out of Chicago. Would you believe that they are taking drive-in orders for McDonald’s restaurants all over the country?

Pat Bye, head of the local Job Authority, explained it to me, “They came into town and set up a training center in a vacant building. Once the people are trained they work out of their homes. The only requirement is that they have to have high speed internet access.” The next time you pull up to order a Big Mac, someone in Rugby might be the one taking your order!

There are already 50 workers at the company in Rugby with plans to expand it to 150. It is a model that could very easily be expanded.

Rugby was also recognized for its $1000 grants to high school and college entrepreneurs, encouraging them to start businesses in the town.

Rugby, which sits in the geographical center of North America, is using technology and entrepreneurial spirit to improve the town for the future.

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Mom Joines said...

So what happens if the order is taken correctly, but is given to you incorrectly? Hmmmm.