Friday, August 04, 2006

Chinese—How Cool is That!

My publisher, Sheila Vertino, called late yesterday to let me know that BoomtownUSA is going to be translated into Chinese for sale in China. They hope to use it as a resource as their towns go through rapid transition and growth. Isn’t that cool?


Becky McCray said...

That's not just cool, Jack; it's a mind-expanding idea. Can a tour of China be far behind? Imagine moving to China for 2 years to help the small towns succeed! How about the other thousand possibilities that are now opening before you?


Mike said...

Congratulations, Jack. Great news for America's entrepreneurial Agurbs. In coming years, entrepeneurial Chinese Agurbs should be natural trading partners.


Thanks Jack for giving Kansas some recognition of late. One of your first comments was the signs of famous people when you drove to Kansas. There are literly 1,000snds. of firsts in Kansas. Senator Frank Carlson was from Concordia, served as a state legislator, Governor,and Senator and started the annual Prayer Breakfast. First Civil War was in Ks. Our County is the Stained Glass Capital of Kansas, a very colorful title, and the list goes on and on,and on, and on. Dale Ferguson