Thursday, June 23, 2005

Moving to the Burb—Agurb® that is!

Dan Cialdella and his wife are Chicago natives. A couple of years ago they bought a vacation home on Lake Mattoon in Mattoon, IL and as he told me, “ever since we started coming to the Mattoon area on the weekends, I just fell in love with it.”

“I currently work as a Cash Manager for a large financial services company but that is not where my true passion lies. I love real estate, primarily income producing real estate, especially when the prices are right and the cash flows are strong. I was looking for real estate in my suburb for years, but everything is so over valued, to the point that if you bought a building you were guaranteeing yourself an operating loss immediately. Mattoon, on the other hand, provided wonderful real estate investment opportunities. Numbers actually work out.”

His goal is to eventually move permanently to his vacation home. He’s already done four real estate deals and has others in the works.

I wonder how many other “big city” future entrepreneurs there are like Cialdella that just need a nudge to get out and find themselves in the agurbs®?

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