Thursday, August 28, 2008

Katrina Can't Keep 'em Down!

Some of my most vivid inspirations from my travels have been seeing the resiliency of the American people. Visits to places like Greensburg, KS which was wiped out by an F5 tornado on May 7, 2007 and the MS Gulf Coast which was devastated by Katrina. Today is the third year anniversary of that hurricane making land at Bay St. Louis, MS.

The Gulf Coast Business Council Research Foundation released a report on the recovery from Katrina last week. You can read it here.

After being virtually wiped clean, with hundreds of thousands of people homeless, the MS Gulf Coast has done a wonderful job of rebuilding itself. I’ve been there a half dozen times through the process and been very impressed with both their “can do” attitude and willingness to not make excuses. Now they are almost back to normal after a lot of hard work.

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