Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Twentieth Anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Agracel, a company that my wife and I set up with some lofty goals. When we started we had enough reserves built up to be able to go about twelve months without any business. We debated various names for the business, finally deciding upon Agracel rather than Zeebeedo. Several people have told me that they really like Agracel better and with an ‘A’ it gets us listed first on most lists.

We ended up getting our first deal done in June, eight months after starting. I saw it as having four months to spare, but Betinha looked at it in a different light. We had a big celebration the night that I brought back a $10,000 check from Chicago for that first deal. Three days later the check bounced!

From those humble beginnings, we’ve been fortunate to build our team one member at a time and today have what I consider the premier company in mentoring small towns and industrial development in those communities. I believe that we are making a difference in those towns and with the companies that we work with.

Thanks to everyone who has had a part in our success. It has been a fun ride. But, the “Can Do” team is only getting revved up.

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